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Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for "March  2017"

    "Watch Me Provide"

By: Apostle Linda Guy of Anointed Tabernacle Deliverance Ministries

Read ------> Isaiah 54:15-17

The enemy is quickly releasing "fear" into the atmosphere. Many people are afraid to travel, visit the Malls, or go anywhere. when we stay home and refuse to go out, we are trapped and enslaved in our own homes by fear!  God is certainly not the Author of this.  He is not the author of fear or confusion, but of a sound mind.  But fear is running rampant like a wild fire.  God is watching this and He has this to say in Isaiah 54:15 "Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake." The enemy is gathering during the darkness at night and secret meetings during the day, but it is not by God.  He has not approved their gathering, and plotting.  In other words, this fear and other things that is being released, is not by God.  Those who gather together against you shall fall.  This fear will not work in this season over you and I. Why? Verse 16 explains it: "Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy."  Our God is in charge and is allowing some things, so we will return unto Him and cry out to Him.  Man wanted to be in charge, so God has allowed it. Do you think man has done well and is doing well now? God is like a parent.  He knows that we are not capable of doing it without His help, but will allow it. He is a gentleman who will not force anyone against their will. Finally, Isaiah 54:17 "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shall condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord."  What does "No weapon" means? Weapon means a rifle, cannon, or instrument to do harm.  But I speak of weapon as using your "mouth" to harm, to tear down an individual.  To speak harsh and negative words.  This is a weapon also. Your mouth can do much injury and harm! The enemy can speak things over you that are negative, speak things over the atmosphere, and cause you to be depressed and your joy is taken.  Once that happens, your purpose and destiny is at stake! Words spoken are powerful. Words spoken by the News media are powerful and captivating. We can impress others with words.  Speech and spoken communication is very important.  It is "how" it is used. Be careful of speaking negative over your children and to one another.  Bless the Lord at all times, and let His praise be spoken continually in your mouth.  No weapon is "formed" meaning it will not take shape, it will not be released, spoken, or sent.  It also means negative plotting and scheming  is going on behind our backs as we sleep, as we work, as we step into our Churches; weapons are being formed. Things are being aimed and an attack is attempted by the enemy. Your faith will be tried in the fires in these coming days.  Will you stand, or will you fold?  The Just shall walk by faith in the last days and not by sight.  So begin to study the Bible and know the word for yourself.  Don't just take my word for it.  Know the graceful words of "Gold" and "Life".  The Word of God is will increase your faith, your trust, and develop you into powerful men and women of God.  We will be a "FORCE" that will be reckon with in this hour.  When you speak..... God is going to honor the word that comes out of your mouth and it shall not fall to the ground!  Because you have been in His Word, and fellowship with Him. God will prepare you what to say in this hour and you shall not be afraid.  You Shall Not Fear!  God uses Isaiah to tell us, it shall not "Prosper".  Prosper means financial gain, increase, to be successful, to thrive, or to flourish.  But God said these things will not flourish or thrive concerning you.  The enemy will not be successful in his attempts concerning you!  Because the enemy has gathered together and plotted, but God already said, "but they have gathered not by me, and whosoever shall gather together against you, shall fall for your sake."  You have that assurance from God.  Isaiah prophesied the Word that God gave him regarding this.  Our Lord knows each one of our situations and He is more than able to handle it.  Release your burden today at the feet of Jesus.  Be whole and be at peace.  Fear not, God is your helper, He is your keeper, and He is your shade upon thy right hand.  Be very encouraged and watch as well as pray.  Let God tell you what to do.  He will guide you to safety and instruct you in the time of time and need. God has our backs in this season.  Many wondrous things are taking place now to prepare us to eat of the good of the land! Continue to read below.  God bless you. 

Hello Visitor! Welcome to our site. If you are a new visitor or one of our regular viewers of this site, we extend greetings and encouragement to you. 

The month of September is a month that is fast approaching.   Summer has ended and the fall is coming quickly on our door steps to send the cool and sudden crisp air that will cause the leaves from the trees to shed it's garment.  Pine trees and others alike, will continue to bare their green limbs, while others are bare and lifeless.  As I write this, a word of the Lord is coming to me.  As the appearance to these trees, so will it be to those in the world who do not know God.  The world will be bare and be lifeless.  But those who know God and continue to uphold His name, will continue to bare their green limbs and produce when others around you are lifeless!  Many disastrous things are going to happen throughout these several months of uncertainty. These are troubled times, that even the government cannot put out all the fires of woes! But God is releasing a greater anointing to His people to endure these trouble times.  We will not be exposed, naked, bare, and in lack!  God shall clothe His people with garments of righteousness and faith like never before.  God's going to do a work in this day, that even His people won't believe it, but it is so!  God's glory shall ride on every mountain top, and the winds shall whisper His name.  A greater anointing shall be released to those who have endured, those that have cried out and felt like giving up.  New strength, zeal, and joy shall be given beginning September through the end of this year.  Stay geared up in prayer and on the Wall!  Do not let the "Breaking News" frighten you!  For many evil things shall appear daily on the News.  The enemy is moving quickly to try and release fear to not only America, but to the world! Do not be moved by what you see or what you hear; God is surely in charge just as He has in the very beginning.  He has not left His post, nor given up His position.  He is very much in Charge!  These things must take place and all things fulfilled.  This is the time to pray, pray, pray!  Because God will meet many of you in the "Chamber of Prayer" and begin to speak and reveal plans, speak deliverance, speak directions, speak blessings, and provide the answers you've been praying about.  This is certainly not the time to change course! Stay close so that you will escape what's coming.  Stay in prayer for your families and love ones.  As Abraham intercede for Lot, You will need to intercede for others too.  Prayer is IMPORTANT!  It is a weapon that the enemy cannot defeat.  He makes us feel lazy about praying and that it is useless so you will not pray.  Financial Institutions will struggle, clothing stores are struggling now to keep the doors open.  Hotels will experience a low season now that Summer is over.  Food prices will continue to soar.  Stock up on dried food, water, candles, flashlights, and all of the necessities of winter and stormy months.  There will be power outages and harsh rains, snow, and ice.  Many things will happen from one side of the globe to the other.  Tempers will run hot and threats of war shall abound.  Attacks upon our America soil will be released.  We should prayer that God reveals these threats on every level and front and be able to warn our Government and protect all our incoming and outgoing gates of this country.  Apostles, let's finish the work we have been called to do! Prophets of God; prophesy and warn the people.  Be not enticed by money.  But be God's mouthpiece even in need!  God is the one that shall supply all your needs, according to His riches in glory! Evangelist, go tell the Good News to the people.  Round them up and lead them to the House of the Lord.  Those who are out of God.  We will not judge you as you return back to God and His House.  Come out of the spiritual storm that is approaching.  Only in God is their shelter from the stormy blast.  He is your shield and buckler. (Psalms 91).  I am an encourager and a motivator.  A Servant of the Most High God in this wilderness of  life.  I was very much lost and on my way to help.  Someone flagged me down, so I am  flagging you down today.  Aren't you tired?  Don't you need a change in your life?  I offer you the Lord Jesus, who can take your pain away and wash not only your outer body, the flesh, but our God will immediately wash your soul and cleanse the hurt, the shame, the evil, any and everything that you might not be able to speak online.  Fine, speak to God.  Tell Him all about it.  The Lord can and will make you brand new.  This page is not just about prophecy.  It is about salvation and souls.  You don't know how our Lord loves you and is calling out to you!  Let Him embrace and restore what was lost in you.  Time is winding up each day.  The World seems to be in a "maze" pattern.  It does know how to get out!  But God has the blueprint and is waiting to give it to those who "thirst".  The Glory Cloud will visit many and things are going to turn around.  Healings and great miracles are coming forth in September and shall continue and intensify the oncoming months to follow.  There shall be a "new love" for the Lord.  The Church will not die!  Yes, it is being attack but it will not die.  The gates of hell shall not prevail!  You better join God's Army now!  The benefits are out of this world.  Life Insurance is "eternity" guaranteed.  I am in His Army already and I am enlisting others to come and join.  There are Heavenly rewards and Angelic help!  Sign up now by giving the Lord your heart. 

Many things shall bloom during the Fall and Winter months.  Will you be apart of it?  Will you continue to growth and allow to see in the Spirit like never before?  Will you allow God to speak as a vision in the night as you sleep? Do you want to be apart of the great move of God.  You are being challenged to take an active part in helping to be an active part by praying for America's forgiveness. The Bible says in II Chronicles 7:14 "If my people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven and will heal their land."  There's a NEW thing taking place and old things are passed away (Isaiah 43:19).  

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