Anointed Tabernacle "Deliverance" Ministries

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We welcome you to Partner with us.  Together we can perform an enormous work for the Glory of God.  No one Church can carry out such a task.  We need unity and believe in agreement and working in harmony toward the souls and cause of Christ.  When we say Partner, we mean just that.  We do not want to cover you or have your Church under our covering.  Partnering with us means that you believe the work we are doing is reaching out to souls and providing information and materials to those who are lost.  And you want to be a part of what we are doing and joining in with your prayers and financial support. e-mail us and give us your name and information whereby we may contact you. Be a part of this organization by giving of:   

 (1) Your Prayers

(2) Used Items, such as clothing, toys, furniture, dishes, food

(3) Financial Offering to further the Ministry and reach other Nations.

(4) Supplying Bibles or Gospel Tracts to the unsaved.

Contact Us:    Anointed Tabernacle Deliverance Ministry - P.O. Box 14118, Greensboro, NC  27415 (USA)

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