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Books and Manuals for Sale:

 Marriage Guide, $12.50 - Recommended highly for both for the Bride and Groom.  It is a great tool to strengthen and give a head start on your marriage.  Read this book together and discuss where you fit in.  It discusses finances, which is the number one reason couples breakup and leads to divorce.

"So, You Have Been Called", $12.50 - This is a Leadership Booklet.  If you have been called to Pastor, a Minister, Elder, or to be a Deacon, Sunday School Teacher, or an newly appointed Usher, you need this booklet.  It tells you about Fasting and Praying is a way of life for a Leader.  These are godly appointed positions that are serious to God and should not be taken lightly. If you are a Worship Leader, or Church Secretary or hold any position in the Church, You need this!  Much time and personal experience went into helping you start strong and sure in serving God with your whole heart.

DVD's - $10.00

Our DVD's are sold of our Services and Special Conferences recorded at Anointed Tabernacle.  Order a copy today and be blessed as you listen to the Word of God preached.  Feel the anointing even through the DVD.  We are a serious Church that is dedicated and caring about the things of God and people.  You are the Apple of His Eye!


To Order:  Make your Check or Money Order out to:  Anointed Tabernacle and Mail to: P. O. Box 14118, Greensboro, NC 27415.  Please tell us what you are ordering and how many items you are ordering.  Include $3.00 for handling and shipping.