Anointed Tabernacle "Deliverance" Ministries

God Hears Your Cry!

Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision is about Souls.  We were saved to seek the lost, those who are hurt, rejected, and depressed.  We offer God's love, His peace and joy among a world that is quickly changing.  We believe the entire Holy Bible as God's Word given to Holy Men. We minister about the saving love and grace of Jesus Christ without prejudice or respect of persons. We feel that Anointed Tabernacle is here to empower and encourage every individual that there is a purpose and destiny for you.  One of our strong points is PRAYER. We never reject or cease from praying.  There is power in the name of Jesus. He is able to break every chain of bondage off your life..

Our Mission is to feed, clothe, and equip you to be whole and free through acceptance of God's free mercy.