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Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for "October  2017"

    "New Changes Are Here"

By: Apostle Linda Guy of Anointed Tabernacle Deliverance Ministry.

October is a month of change. Leaves on the trees display wonderful

colors of gold, orange, brown, and yellow. By the end of October,

leaves began to fall and becomes bear during the Fall and Winter

months. There are more than physical changes that takes place.

There are spiritual changes that Almighty God set in place when He

created this world. Revelation is being played out right now. The

Heavenly Hosts are busy at work. We need to be aware that there

are several seals has been opened. We are living in the end times.

These are the "Days of Noah" This what I heard the Lord say when

I was entering my home one afternoon. He asked me, "Do you know

what time it is"? I said no, Lord I don't know. That's when God said

it was the "days of Noah". God will not leave us blind, but will direct

Our path. October has brought in the new season of Fall. The old

season of Summer has past. We must embrace the "new thing".

What is this new thing? It's not just Church restructuring, but we

must shift and change! God wants to do a new thing is us! Old

wineskins must shed, or we will not be able to carry, or contain

the new wine (new mantle, new fire, new anointing) that is being

poured to the body of believers. I'm excited for the change to take

place. The Miracles, signs, and wonders will not take place until the

change manifest in us. Begin to pray, repent, and ask the Lord to take

charge of your life, to take over and to realign you. I am seeking Him

every day, that I might walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ!

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