Anointed Tabernacle "Deliverance" Ministries

God Hears Your Cry!

LOCATIONWe have MOVED, please bear with us.  It is "temporary".... We have moved to the Guilford Conference Center, 3113 Cedar Park Rd, Greensboro, NC 27401 off of (Gateway Blvd) previous East Lee Street and 85.  We are in the Conference Center next door to the Holiday Inn Express (Exit 224) I-40 Business & 85.

For additional directions or information:  Please call: 336-988-9425.


Service Times:


10:00 A.M., Sunday Worship Service  - Come worship with Us!  Join us as we sing praises to God! See the Children & Youth "Glory" Dancers.  If you need personal prayer, come and let us go before the "Throne of God" in your behalf!   We are a Bible believing Church!  4th Sunday is "Youth Sunday" - Come help us usher in the Glory of God!


(Television -Local Cable Channel 8)  - Witnessing: (Presently Under Construction)  


Wednesday Special Prayer Hour12:00 Noon (Weekly) Every Wednesday 12:00 Noon is prayer.  Come sit in the "Mercy Seat" and have a Prayer Warrior stand in the gap and pray.  Send us an e-mail prayer request and we will pray over it during Wednesday Prayer!  If you are sick, on drugs, or need a personal breakthrough.... please come and let us pray for you!  God cares for everyone and want you to be delivered.   Workers, come during your lunch hour and pray! Stay 10 or 15 minutes and leave to get back to work on time.  Call and we will give you directions.  (336) 988-9425.  Make that call now, you will be glad you did.  God is waiting for you to seek Him!  He is the answer to your situation.

Friday Night Altar Prayer 6:30-7:30 p.m. (Weekly)  We meet online. It is "FREE" Call-In Conference Prayer. If you would need prayer or want to be apart of the Saints going up in prayer to the Throne Room of God, please joim us.  To obtain the toll-free number and access code.  Please Email us by 6:00 p.m., to ensure that ample time is allowed to contact you immediately.  This FREE call-in Friday Prayer is totally submitted to the Lord.  We are open for you to  pray and provide your prayer requests without giving your identity or what city you are calling from.  We want saved and unsaved to be able to ask for prayer without stress or prejudge.  These are serious times and Prayer is very essential, in fact it is a must to have a close relationship with God.  That is what is needed to reach hurting people and souls who have no peace.  Talents and gifts are not needed to go before God.  We go before His Presence every  Friday @ 6:30 p.m., North Carolina time.  There are no requests looked over. We simply and humbly need more of God, so we cry out and seek His face for the will of God in your life as well as ours. We encourage you to join us. If you don't know how to pray, just inform one of the Prayer Warriors that you want someone to pray with you.  I dare you to come lay your burdens before the Lord.  You will feel different than you came.  Coming into the Lord's Presence is different than anything we have ever experienced. Email: to get the Toll-Free Number and access code.



If you are bedridden and you are not a member of a Church; our Church Leadership will come visit you!  We will pray with you, read the Bible to you, lead you to the Lord, and administer Holy Communion at your request. Call or e-mail us and we will come if you are in the local triad area..... (Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, & surrounding areas), call 336-988-9425 or email: Lrguy2174@gmail.comSomeone from our Leadership Staff will return your call and set up a date and time convenient for two of our Church Leadership individuals to come and visit you. 


Prophetic/MIT Classes:  Wednesday @ 6:30 p.m.  If you have a hunger to know more of God, If you desire to Hear The Voice of God, - "Empowering and Equipping Leaders", Awaken the spiritual gift that lies within, receive proper training and instructions for doing the Will of God within your life.  Prayer and Fasting is a way of life for the Believers of Christ. Become a proper skilled warrior for the Lord!  Please get in touch with us if you need more information about this class.  This class truly is led by the Holy Spirit!  Sessions starts September through December, then January through May. Certificates are given upon completion each May.  At a cost of $10 monthly.  We are in the process of setting up live streaming that you may attend by way of the internet.  Receive hands on, teachings about the 5-Fold Ministry such as: Operation of the Prophetic, Being an Anointed Vessel to serve as a Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Minister, Evangelist, Teacher, Deacon, Deaconess, Intercessor, Usher, Singer, Musician, Altar Worker, or  Armor Bearer.  Learn what God expects besides the Title!  You are a vessel of God that carries the anointing and the fire of God. He gave you your title or position, so that is not important as your holy walk with God.  Establishing a relationship with God is what He desires of each of us.  Titles and Positions are not needed in Heaven, so we should walk worthy of our vocation with fear and humility! You and I are known by the anointing you walk in!  It endorses who you are in the Spirit!  It's is not your garment, it's what you are carrying on the inside of you!  You learn to be accountable, and to have integrity.  Your word is dependable.  You don't throw your brother or sister under the bus to look good!  It is a season and time to stand as Joshua did; who was counted worthy and faithful by God to take the people over into the Promise Land!  What is God saying about you today?  Can He trust you.  Press closer to God.  He is reaching out to you, not away from you.  He loves you very much and striving to live for Him will never be in vain!  Great miracles, signs, and wonders are being released in these dark days to reveal that He is still with us.  God is alive, He is not dead!



Children's Choir - Practice on Saturdays...time will be announced.  E-mail or call us if your child is interested.

Youth "Glory" Dancers- Saturday Practice..... time will be announced.  E-mail or Call the number above if interested.

Children & Youth Ushers 4th Sunday -

            Anointed Tabernacle 
 P. O. Box 14118 - Greensboro, NC  27407
            (336) 988-9425

YOUTH:  - Our Youth Department are working with the Youth and Young Children.  We have a Praise Dance Team and a Children's Choir.  The children learn to help assist ushering on the 4th Sunday. We have Vacation Bible School, along with having Skits at Christmas and Easter.  They learn about God.  Even as a Child, God will accept their service to Him, for "such is the Kingdom of Heaven".  They are taught manners and kindness one to another.  Every Youth is important to God and important to us.  Don't just send your child, bring them to the House of the Lord. Come, see, and be apart of your child spiritual knowledge about God.   


Anointed Tabernacle is located at:  The Guilford Conference Center, 3113 Ceder Park Rd., Greensboro, NC 27401. This is the East Lee Street (East Gateway Blvd) and I-85/I-40 Business Exit 224.  We are next door to the Holiday Inn Express. Church Phone: (336) 988-9425 -  Our e-mail: