Anointed Tabernacle "Deliverance" Ministries

God Hears Your Cry!

Weekly Prayer For You

Our Payer for you this week, that you feel the Presence of God as you come to this site for prayer. God, you know why this person has visited this site. They may be down and discouraged and don't know where to turn.  God, we lead this person to you. No matter what they are feeling right now.  They may be going through the worse storm in their lives and from every direction!  Your spouse may have left you, children are a heavy burden on your soul, you may have cancer, problems with drugs, alcohol, unfaithfulness, or you may be on the verge of committing suidcide.  I have been there!  God wanted me to create this Prayer just for "you".  God is reaching out to you as you read this prayer and touching the very depths of your soul, where no one else can go, God is there for you. Cry out to Him and He will not turn away from you, but will give you inner peace and calm your restless soul.  God is truly the answer!  You've tried everything else, why not try God.  This is truly His website.  It's not ours.  We are only a vessel.  But it's anointed by His power from the very Throne Room of Heaven, He wants to reach out and touch your very soul, right now!  Just surrender and allow Him to touch your place of pain, your anger and bitterness. In Jesus Name, touch right now Lord, we come against depression, despair from every core!  We stand in the gap and trenches for you and declare, decree and demand a breakthrough in your life.  Nothing make not be going right at the moment and you have hit rock bottom.  God is there for you when you feel all alone.  Call on Him and ask for His divine help and mercy.  For He is a merciful and forgiving God.  He will not turn away as you plead for His help! We lead you right now in before the Presence of God. We want you to Pray this Prayer and allow you to express yourself to God. PRAYER --- "Lord have mercy on me", help me, I need your help and I need it now. Please forgive me of all my sins and hear me.  Give me inner peace and guide me for I don't know what to do or which way to go.  Direct my path and show me the way.  Come into my heart and be my friend and be my Saviour.  I feel all alone and empty inside. You are a God full of compassion. As come to you now just as I am before you and ask that you lift me up and help me oh Lord I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.  Lord let them feel your healing and deliverance and forgiving power right now.  Take away their hopelessness and helplessness right now in the name of JESUS.  You may feel helplessness and it's okay, but God is not helpless.  He is a strong, mighty, and a powerful God.  Nothing you are going through is too hard for Him.  The Lord can help you overcome anything in your life that you are going through right now.  Ask God to take your heavy burdens and give you peace inside.  Father, we cancel every assignment of the enemy over their lives right now and rebuke every situation that is happening or has happened to them.  We rebuke all unbelief, doubt and fear, pride division, discord, rebellion, hatred, anger, bitterness, violence and murder.  We come against all forms of evil and power of darkness in high and low places in the earth and the atmosphere.  Father, we come against slander, jealousy, poverty, generational curses and flesh habits, all false spirits, controlling spirits, and harassing and tormenting spirits.  We break and pull down and come against all curses that have been spoken or placed.  Father, cast out the power of negative words coming out of the mouths of people in the name of Jesus.  God release this person and any family members from all and any hold on them.  Cover them now with the blood of Jesus.  Release your blessings, your favor, and your all mighty power over every area of their lives.  God touch their spirit and reach out beyond the computer screen and let them know there is Power in the Blood of Jesus.  You are powerful and can deliver!  Amen.  If you are a person who does not know Jesus at all and have done wrong, made bad decisions, done or said wrong and terrible things; in the name of Jesus, ask for forgiveness. Ask God to wash and cleanse you from every sin, every fault, every wrong and terrible deed.  Jesus died on the Cross so that "all" sins, no matter how small or how very great and terrible the sins, you are able to be forgiven and to forgive that person who hurt or did you hurt or harm.  God is the great "forgiver" and will hear your heart's cry and give you inward peace. Lord, breathe on this person right now, breather your love, your mercy, and your peace that only a loving and merciful God can do.  Let them be able to sleep and rest knowing they have come to you in earnest and sincere prayer.  Thank you for coming to Jesus in your own way.  NOTE!  Please e-mail us!  You do not have to give your name or who you are, but use the e-mail below and let us know if you have received God in your heart.  There is a "Sinners Prayer" below... "Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you now to forgive me of all my sins and I acknowledge you as the One and only true God.  I feel terrible about all the things I've said and done in my life.  I'm tired and I want and need a change in my life.  Nothing seems to be working right.  I believe you was born of a Virgin girl named Mary, that you was crucified, died, and rose from the grave and ascended up into Heaven and is seated on the right hand of your Heavenly Father.  You rose with all power in your hand and is now full of mercy and compassion for those who are hurt, lost, rejected, who did wrong or bad things to others, and need forgiveness.  Come into my life, come into my heart and help me start a brand "new" life in you.   Jesus, I give and submit any addictions, and all things that I am ashamed of and would not like for others to know.  But I confess them openly to you and I come now asking you to wash me and make me clean inside and out.  Amen.   Now that you have said this prayer, you may not feel changed, heard the thunder, or seen the lightning flashing, but the moment you ask Jesus to forgive you, You are washed, cleansed of all sins and forgiven!  Now there is something that needs to take place on your part.  Find a Church and go visit a Bible believing Church where you will continue to grow in God and learn of His Word.  Next buy you a BIBLE right away or ask someone to give you one.  Start reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and the remaining New Testament.  Then start with the Old Testament reading.  Buy some soft gospel "Worship & Praise" music.  Go to a Christian Book Store and tell them you are a new Christian and you want to buy  "Worship" CD's.  They will be able to help and suggest some Worship music.  Play it in your car, or at home, and enjoy your new life in Christ.  As the music is playing in your house, or in your car... it is changing your lifestyle and is setting up a "Spiritual" atmosphere in the air, in your home and in your car and in your life!  It will get into your spirit and minister to your soul.  Read your Bible daily.  Read the Book of Psalms, and pray on your way to work.  "Prayer Example" God, this is new to me....praying that is.  I don't know how to pray, so will you teach me day by day?  Teach me how to know you, to be a holy vessel for you.  Show me how to live pleasing in your sight, strengthen me each day and direct my path. Give me understanding as I read your Word.  Open up my heart to receive you and the truth of your Word to be present in my life.  Let my life shine for you oh Lord that others will see it.  Help me to lead others to you and tell of your goodness and mercy.  I come to you as I get ready, or as I am on my way to work, and as I get ready for bed.  God, I need you in my life, I am asking for you to help me make decisions daily that I don't know what to do. God bless my efforts as I am on my way to work, go with me, order my day, protect and bless me, bless my family.  I come against the temptations and you to guard my heart and set a watch on my mouth.  That I only utter and speak things pleasing and of good report. Amen.  If you desire for a "reply back to you",  please include your e-mail.  Your name and who you are, is not necessary.  If you desire to contact us and have a special prayer request, please reply to our e-mail given below.  What you share is kept very private and confidential. God bless you.        E-mail:  


If you are bedridden and  do not have a Church home, our Church Leadership will come visit you!  We will pray with you, lead you to the Lord, and administer Holy Communion at your request. Call or e-mail us and we will come if you are in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem and the local surrounding areas.  Call 336-988-9425 or email:  Someone from our Leadership Staff will return your call and set up a date and time convenient for two of our Leadership individuals to come and visit you.  God bless and seek God with all your heart, Jesus is a rewarder for those that diligently seek Him!